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Nick Glynn in front of mural


At Waterloo Brewing we pride ourselves on hiring the best people and giving them as many opportunities as possible. When we began building out what our new Waterloo Brewing Taphouse would look like, we knew there was one individual in particular whose talent we wanted to tap into.

Nick Glynn began working for Waterloo Brewing back in 2010, almost a full decade ago, at our original location on King Street in Waterloo, Ontario. He started off working in the beer store and for the summer events team and advanced his way through the company to his current position with the brewery as the “Eastern Ontario Sales Manager” in Ottawa, Ontario.

Over the past 7 years, Nick has also pursued a second career as an artist and painter, where he has been successful in selling his artwork across Canada and many other parts of the world (Austria, Australia, and the United States).


Waterloo Brewing boar art by Nick Glynn

Of course, when it came time to commission artwork for the space, Nick was the obvious choice. With his unique style and talent, we knew he would develop some truly iconic pieces.

“I’m just super grateful that I work for acompany that not only supports my sales career but also provides me with nothing but encouragement and opportunities for my passion outside of work. It’s a special feeling knowing they not only support my artistic passions but also want to help nourish and grow my passion into something bigger.” - Nick Glynn

Over a 4-month period, he created a 28ft by 10ft “Pour the Boar” mural (his largest work to date) and a 12ft by 10ft “Hop Branch” mural that catches the eye of any guest who enters our Taphouse. We could not be more proud of Nicks journey and the artwork he has created for our new space and hope you all come by to see it in person. 





He creates all his work first on Photoshop where he designs and refines his artwork. Then, through a thorough process of printing and cutting, he is able to create layered stencils of the designs that he will then transfer to the walled surface with Aerosol and acrylic-based paint.


Pour the Boar mural being painted




Nick Glynn is a 30-year-old spray paint artist who resides in Ottawa, Ontario where he creates 3-dimensional photorealistic paintings using spray-paint and layered stencils. 

His work is inspired through the genres of graffiti, street and pop art, and with the use of bold colours and vivid imagery he creates his stencilled spray paint work on canvas and walls, depicting both wildlife and the human form. 

He grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Milton, Ontario) and comes from an artistically inclined family where he developed many of his skills and inspirations. His father, Scott Glynn and older brother Aiden Glynn are well known professional artists in the field of Animation. 

In addition to stencil art pieces, Nick also creates contemporary artwork using acrylic paint, producing black and white paintings and other unique and colourful art pieces. 

Nick finds inspiration through travel, culture, nature and design. Utilizing his experiences gained and expressing them through his art. 




Website: Nickglynnart.com
Facebook: Nick Glynn Art
Instagram: Glynn.art

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