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The Boar Award | Nick Greaves, People & Culture Generalist

The Boar Award | Nick Greaves, People & Culture Generalist


Nick has been with Waterloo Brewing for two years, and funny story – he actually developed the Boar Award Program last year! Nick's such an asset to Waterloo Brewing that we decided it should be his turn to win. Nick is highly self-accountable and challenges with respect. He has built positive relationships with our employees, and has become a trusted resource for teammates across the company. He was hired as a co-op student two years ago, and has picked up many new roles with persistence and responsibility. Great work Nick!


Here are some fun facts about Nick: 


What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Waterloo crew?
Waterloo Brewing and it’s amazing people inspire me to always be learning, growing and striving for greatness. I’m proud to work at a Canadian company that has had so much success while staying true to its roots and values within the community.

What are you a big fan of?
Portage trips, music and golf 

Waterloo brew of choice?
Craft Lager

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I used to live in Nashville, Tennessee and recorded and album in Dolly Parton’s old studio.


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