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Waterloo Brewing announces collab beer with KWFamous

Waterloo Brewing is excited to be collaborating with local brand, KWFamous this fall. The collaboration consists of a KWFamous pop up shop in the Waterloo Brewing Beer Store, a limited-edition growler design and our new Taphouse brew ­– the KWFamous Blackberry Sour IPA with edible glitter.

KWFamous is owned and operated by Robin Linder and Elaine Decleir. They’re all about celebrating Waterloo Region through fun, interactive community events and apparel.


“It started as a couple inside jokes that only the community would know, like Otis the Swan,” Linder said. 

A few years ago, Decleir, a freelance marketer, started an Instagram account for Victoria Park’s beloved swan, Otis. The account was from Otis’ perspective, and quickly became quite popular. Linder, a designer, drew up a t-shirt design of Otis, and from there, a business idea was born.

 “We realized when we worked together as freelancers, and brought together both of our skillsets, it was so much better in every way to have a partner,” Linder said.


The two started designing KW-focused merch and began planning community events with various partners like not-for-profits, small businesses and start-ups.

“We love KW, and we wanted to showcase more of the hidden gems and cool things about it. It’s grown from what it was to what it is today,” Decleir said.

 “We want to bring that pride and joy to the community through events, [by creating] fun things to do by working with local restaurants and small businesses”

In 2018, the KWFamous website launched and Decleir and Linder began their journey as business partners.

On top of the apparel and events, KWFamous offers marketing services to clients. They specialize in brand experience and work with small businesses who may not have the budget to hire a full-time marketing person. 

“We’re tapping into this new community collaborative marketing that is collaboration based opposed to competitive,” Linder said.

Currently, the Waterloo Brewing Beer Store has a selection of KWFamous merchandise like the Otis the Swan t-shirt, the Victoria Park t-shirt, the Mt Trashmore t-shirt and the KWFamous hoodie. These apparel pieces are meant to offer feelings of nostalgia while also being light-hearted and silly. They’re a conversation starter. Waterloo Brewing is also selling the KWFamous limited-edition growler – a growler decorated with recognizable images of the Region. This growler can be filled with the limited edition KWFamous Blackberry Sour IPA in the Waterloo Brewing Taphouse. 

KWFamous Glitter Beer

Ultimately, Decleir and Linder hope to keep spreading positivity throughout the community through KWFamous events and apparel while pushing the limits and having fun.

“My mission is always to make people feel like they belong, or that they have a sense of community. I feel like that helps people wake up every day,” Decleir said.  

Follow @kwfamous on Instagram to learn more.


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