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Introducing The Boar Award

Introducing The Boar Award

Waterloo Brewing is proud to announce a new internal employee recognition program – The Boar Award! Every month, Waterloo Brewing staff will be nominating their peers to be the recipient of The Boar Award. The winners will be the kind of employees who go above and beyond – and they’re so cool that we want you to get to know them, too! 


For September, to get the ball rolling, we awarded some of our outstanding employees with the coveted Boar Award.



Janki Dave, Food Safety Coordinator

Waterloo Brewing Boar Award

Next up is Waterloo Brewing's Food Safety Coordinator Janki Dave! Janki has been with Waterloo Brewing for one year. She works closely with each department, keeping us all in line regarding all things food safety. When we say Janki is really dedicated to food safety — we mean it! But she’s also a phenomenal team player. She challenges her peers to reach their goals and stays diligent and level-headed in stressful situations.


Here are some fun facts about Janki:


What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Waterloo crew?
It offers a strong positive working environment with a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals. People are willing to work for each other and with each other! It’s great to see how everyone on the team has the same vision towards the mission. That keeps me motivated every day!

What’s your Waterloo brew of choice?
Whatever one is in front of me!

What are you a big fan of?
The colour green, making art and travelling.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I was a state level volleyball player and a national level gold medalist in painting.



Adam Leonhardt, Brewing Supervisor

Waterloo Brewing Boar Award

Next is Waterloo Brewing's Brewing Supervisor, Adam Leonhardt. Adam has been with Waterloo for a whopping 16 years! He has a great rapport with his team and is adamant that everyone works together. He’s a real relationships guy — and cares a lot about his people. Adam’s not one to sugar-coat an issue; he always finds solutions and offers suggestions to be more efficient.

Here are some fun facts about Adam:

What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Waterloo crew?

My favourite thing about Waterloo Brewing is my talented coworkers both past and present. The growth of this company is amazing to be a part of and it attests to all the hard work and leadership this company has.

What’s your Waterloo brew of choice?
Waterloo IPA

What are you a big fan of?
The Chicago Blackhawks, Green Bay Packers and Toronto Blue Jays.  

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I’ve brewed beer at all Waterloo Brewing Locations – both past and present.



Sarah Moran, Packaging Operator

Finally is Sarah Moran, a Packaging Operator on the bottle line at Waterloo Brewing. With 16+ years of service at Waterloo Brewing, Sarah is a dedicated and accountable employee. She’s seen a lot of changes over the past 16 years and has adapted to each one. She cares for her fellow employees and even comes in on her days off when needed. Sarah is highly active on the Joint Health and Safety Committee where she holds other committee members accountable.



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