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The Boar Award | Paul Goldsworthy

The Boar Award | Paul Goldsworthy


Brewer Paul Goldsworthy has been with Waterloo Brewing for two years. Paul challenges respectfully and tells it as it is. He’s honest, but kind with his coworkers. Paul puts in the work to build positive relationships across the company. He’s friends with everyone in multiple departments and never lets people down. Outside of work, Paul is a true beer lover! He is the organizer of @fergusbeerfest and shares his passion for beer with his local community! 


Here are some fun facts about Paul:


What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Waterloo crew?
My favourite thing about Waterloo Brewing is the people – we have some of the best people working here. 

What’s your Waterloo brew of choice?

What are you a big fan of?
Iron Maiden, Boston Bruins and road trips

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I am also the organizer of Beerfest in Fergus! 


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